SCA Certified Judges Class, 26 April @Thuringia, Germany

€ 1,00

Become a certified SCA judge and enjoy the world of competition cooking around the world.

SCA Certified Judges Class, 26 April @ Thuringia, Germany

Become part of the fastest growing cooking organization with over 600 events projected worldwide in 2024

As an SCA Certified Judge, you are eligible to participate at any SCA sanctioned event accros the world

Our class is comprises of 4 parts:

  • Ribeye 101 - Learn more about steaks
  • Table Captain 101 - Learn how to be a table captain
  • Ancillary Judging 101 - Learn the judging process for all SCA ancillary categories
  • Steak Judging 101 - Learn the entire steak judging process

If you are a cook that is new to the world of Steak Cookoffs or just want to up yiur game, this class is invaluable for your

competition knowledge and planning.

Location: auf dem Hofe Familie Stelzer Straße der Einheit 19 99947 Bad Langensalza

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