Dutch SCA Championship 2024

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How do i qualify for the Dutch SCA Championship ?

Whenever you take part of a SCA competition held in the Netherlands and you live in the Netherlands you automaticly take part of the Dutch SCA Championship.

How does the points calculating works ?

We are using the best of 5 method for the main categorys Steak and ancillary We take your 5 highest scores and calculate the average. When you dont have 5 scores we add all youre scores together and divide them by 5. We only keep track of the top 10 from each turnin, if you are not in the top 10 it will not be added to your score list for the Dutch SCA Championship. For individual categorys like Dessert we use the best of 3 calculation.

How many competitions must i participate in ?

we use the "best of 5" method, every steak or ancillary turnin (not competition) you do wil count as a score if you are in the top 10 of that categorie. Some competitions have multiple steak and ancillary turnins. You can participate in as much competitions as you want to keep your "best of 5" average high. But it is not mandotory to do 5 Turnins, only thing is that your average never wil be high enough to become a Champion. We have this year (2022) multiple cooks that didnt do 5 Turnins but are still in the top 10.

Upcoming qualifying events in the Netherlands