Wiener Wurstfest, Vienna, Austria, 18 until 20 October 2024

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Wiener Wurstfest from 18 until 20 October 2024
Three days full of barbecue and grilling competitions with the best international teams with tasting opportunities, shows with international cooking stars, lots of vendors all about grilling and outdoor cooking as well as a gourmet market with delicacies and more.

Wiener Wurstfest, 18 until 20 October 2024

Experience the largest events for Barbecue lovers in Austria. The Vienna BBQ Days /WIener wurstfest offers a LOT! 
KCBS DOUBLE BBQ competition in the east of Austria, STEAK Cookoff Association competition in Austria 

Watch famous Pitmasters from around Europe preparing their food.
The largest event for all types of Barbecue and Grills in Austria. 
KCBS Kansas City Barbeque Society is the largest BBQ Association worldwide with more than 35.000 members. 
Workshops, Shows and und presentations with international renowned pitmasters. 
Vendors of all kinds of barbecue equipment, sauces, steaks and more meat supplies of all kinds, rubs, spices, sauces, beer and wine and more. 
Information about the perfect barbecue for beginners by famous pitmasters and multiple barbecue world champions.    
BBQ food from various pitmasters, Food trucks and food artists offering a great variety of food (not only BBQ) - yeas also ice cream and frozen yoghurt ;-) 

Event for the whole family and all ages.   



Location: Otmar-Brix-Gasse 1, 1110 Wien, Oostenrijk

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